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In the last Chromium OS, cloud printing appeared

We haven't heard a lot about Google cloud printing since it was announced. Nevertheless, work on this project continues, and it will be one of the main components in Chrome OS . Business partners, such as HP, have already announced their printers working with cloud printing technology. A cloud-based proxy server is also waiting to be officially launched to help you print documents on more familiar printers.

It is difficult to say when it will be possible for the mere mortal to play around with cloud printing technology, but the fact remains: the features of future technology are slowly becoming incarnated in Chromium OS. By pressing the Ctrl + P key combination or by clicking on the appropriate menu, a dialog box appears in which you can select a cloud-oriented printer. Unfortunately, now people without a proxy server will not be able to use the function, therefore the cloud print dialog box is just a dialog box.
It will also be possible to quickly find other people's printers that you have installed on your system in advance. Need a hard copy of an important document for your colleague in England? No problems. Find it in an email box, select its printer, and send the document to print (provided you have access, of course).

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