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UPS CyberPower CP1500E: powerful, expensive and smart screen

In this post I will talk about a new and not quite ordinary uninterruptible power supply, which I recently managed to thoroughly touch. But first, a little background.


For the fourth year, I have been using the Ippon Smart Power Pro 1400 UPS at home. There is a considerable time limit: when I bought, all my acquaintances frightened me that all this Chinese woman was dying a maximum in a year, and that APC should be taken. I treat APC products with great sympathy, and yet decided to take a chance. The fact is that while the Delta GPS-400AA-100A power supply unit was in the computer. This power supply was very good for its time, but it had one bug in the implementation of the APFC: when the power supply in the network disappeared, it reduced input resistance too sharply. As a result, 800 and even 1000VA UPSs were immediately cut down from overload - of course, along with the computer. Therefore, I decided to play it safe and take something more powerful. The older APC models at all times were expensive, and when choosing IPPON, the savings were four or five thousand rubles for the same characteristics (over the years, I just don’t remember the exact price). And now - the purchase still works. Sometimes I arrange stress tests, the battery holds for fifteen minutes guaranteed, but I don’t need more. The UPS connects to the computer via USB, and, thanks to the wonderful utility of Alexey Ilyin UPS Monitor Driver, it is neatly integrated into the system.
Like live and enjoy, but the problem has crept up from the side of the propeller. For some reason, it is constantly spinning at IPPON, and during its service it has been fairly worn out. I took it apart twice, poured some silicone grease inside, but, unfortunately, this trick also didn’t work indefinitely. Of course, you can work, but I can smell it - the poor fellow will die soon. It is impossible to change: a very strange model is used with a non-standard power connector. In the friendly stores do not sell anything, and I'm afraid to go to the enemies. In order not to remain at the broken trough (except for the cooler, the battery can finally give an oak), so I asked the well-known iron merchants to bring me some powerful UPS of a not very noble breed on occasion. And so that without fail with a big screen. The latter, by and large, is completely useless, but with it somehow ... more interesting. I asked for a long time, however, I didn’t get all my address in the list of routes, and I didn’t really want to take the 10-kilogram construction on the subway. Again, someone else - drop more, remember the box.


But the third day - it happened. “Something with a screen” turned out to be a CyberPower CP1500E - a powerful UPS with a power of 1500VA, or, in more honest units, 900 watts. The screen occupies about a third of the front panel, and the black case itself is one and a half times thinner than that of my Ippon, but on the other hand, it is as much higher. The battery turned out to be fully charged, but for the order I connected the UPS to the socket for about five hours, and only then I plugged the computer and monitor wires into it.

Generally, when you look at the back of CyberPower for the first time, your eyes are already running up - six outlets! Six! But when we look carefully, it turns out that only three of them are powered by batteries, and the rest provide only protection from interference. Also not bad, but given the power of the UPS, three outlets are not enough. If you have the right desire to connect to it at once two, or even three computers, you may need an extension cable with a tee. Sockets for lazernik is not provided at all.

When you turn on CyberPower emits a double welcome squeak, and quite loud. It is impossible to turn off this manifestation of joy, and this personally does not make me happy, because the computer is not far from the bed, and if you turn on a large computer at night, you can wake someone up. But this claim is temporarily ending, because the blue-lit screen at once won my heart. He can show a lot of things, but the most interesting thing is the current power consumption level of the computer. It works as a cure for greed for some companies that are violently pushing kilowatt PSUs with a cry of “Take, take, less than a thousand, well, not enough!”. I have a computer, frankly, not the weakest. Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition (don't be scared, this is necessary for work), 6 GB DDR3, three hard drives + SSD, GeForce 275 GTX video card, 20-inch NEC monitor with S-IPS matrix. So, all this in ICQ + Word mode, which is usual for me, consumes ... 162 W. In the game Crysis, when the video card's appetite wakes up, power consumption rises to 330 watts. TOTAL! In general, having looked at it, I didn’t regret at all that the Enermax MODU82 + with a power of 625 W was limited in its time. More is simply not necessary.


Another screen shows the value of the input voltage, and the UPS itself is equipped with an AVR system that helps to “pull” the voltage to the desired level if it is too low in the network. For example, in my outlet now, not 220 volts, but 214. These are trifles, of course, and therefore the system does not turn on - otherwise the corresponding icon would appear. However, even without it, the UPS gave 216 volts to the surface. You can also see the battery level and estimated battery life.


The last parameter, of course, interested me especially. To heighten interest, I turned on Crysis and, as soon as everything was loaded, I pulled the power cord out of the UPS. Nothing happened, only the UPS buzzed (before that, it worked perfectly quietly) and reported that the battery would last for nine minutes. In fact, the CyberPower prediction system is distinguished by commendable pessimism in this case, because after EIGHT minutes, the UPS said it would last another five, and began nervously screaming. When I got out of Crysis, the predicted time grew by as much as fifteen minutes, but in fact, after a quarter of an hour, only a nervous squeal rang out, and for seven minutes there would still be enough charge. On the same fully charged battery, the UPS vows to keep my computer running in typewriter mode for 32 minutes. And I believe him.

And the real attack of love happened to me when I hooked up the UPS to a computer with the attached USB cable. The system recognized it without any drivers and additional programs (although CyberPower is attaching something on the disk - I didn’t even look), and in the lower right corner of the screen a standard battery icon appeared, like on a laptop. You can see the level of charge, and how long the computer still works offline - in general, the integration is complete.

Touched, I climbed up to watch the price, and she instantly sobered me. However, 6,500 rubles, and this if you are lucky. And so - 7000. Not prohibitively, especially given the fact that more thoroughbred specimens with the same characteristics are one and a half to two times more expensive. But still my hand is unlikely to rise. There is also CyberPower CP1350E - it looks exactly the same, but the characteristics are a bit thinner (1350VA / 810W) and the price is more affordable, 5,000 rubles. This is more like the truth. He was asking prices recently, thinking, without further ado, to take another SmartPower Pro 1400, if the propeller finally reaches or the batteries finally lie back. So now it costs 4500. You must agree that a useful screen, as in CyberPower, is worth five hundred.

In my house electricity was not turned off for half a year, and with this heat it blinks thoroughly several times a day. In principle, the hard drives now went very patient, and the rest of the bundle the sudden shutdown is not terrible. But still, my heart bleeds when everything is suddenly cut off, and only if the disconnection took the half-written post with it ... No, well, such things in FIG. I know for sure that I will have a UPS, and the next one with the usual sockets, so that without the hassle of connecting a computer, a NAS, a router, and something else to it.

But what exactly will I take - accomplish your goal when I decide to upgrade.

PS An important clarification - the screen goes out after 15 seconds. The night light from the UPS will not work :)

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