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New snapshot 10.70!

Fresh build from the Polish division of Opera

This is my debut on the Desktop team blog, so let me say “Hello World!” On behalf of the [QA] Desktop Team located in Wroclaw, Poland.

Today we offer for lunch some corrections. The chef specializes in fixing UI and usability errors. Therefore, sit down and enjoy your meal.
And please remember, we are counting on you. Express your opinion about our work! Your reports are very helpful!

Warning: This is a test build: it contains the latest fixes, but it has several known problems, including possible crashes and data loss. In fact, it may not work at all.

List of changes:
Desk / cross-platform
DSK-281862 (Mouse gestures can not remove the dialog overlay)
DSK-283583 (Missing string: 'done' tooltip on find toolbar and password toolbar)
DSK-296732 (Panel opens when Opera is loaded)
DSK-296887 (Scrolling address history sometimes scrolls underlying page)
DSK-306162 (Opera Closes on the window for the Dragongly (detached) window is open)
DSK-306329 (Save as text file

DSK-300083 (UI focus lost in lots of cases, causing shortcuts to fail)
DSK-295426 (Triple click on the hotclick menu)
DSK-182083 (Menus appear on second screen)
DSK-304468 (Freeze when enabling sound in webpages)
DSK-303558 (PDF painted black when Address bar is focused with Start Bar enabled)

DSK-300344 (Opacity not applied to Aqua buttons)
DSK-302040 (Web Fonts and garbling Japanese text)
DSK-254702 (Should use Ayuthaya as monospace font for Thai)
DSK-306002 (creates a folder with folder "% 20" instead of space)
DSK-306926 (Disable inline print preview): Remove print preview menu item and shortcut key
Fixed some common crashers reported via crashlogging tool


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101094/

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