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Eric Schmidt: "People are not ready for the technological revolution"

In continuation of the news about the possible closure of Google Wave. Google executive director Eric Schmidt spoke yesterday at the Techonomy conference, where he expressed a couple of fundamental thoughts.

"Five exabytes of information created by mankind since the birth of civilization until 2003," said Schmidt, "but the same amount is now being created every two days, and the speed is increasing ... People are not ready for the technological revolution that is about to happen."

According to Eric Schmidt, the key to a future revolution is the automatic processing of huge UGC arrays using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

“If I look at a sufficient number of your messages on the Internet and at your current location, and use AI, then we can predict where you will go.”
“Show us 14 of your photos - and we will be able to identify your identity. Do you think you do not have 14 photos on the Internet? Your photo album on Facebook! People will like devices that can remember what you have to do if you forget ... But society is not ready for the questions that arise as a result of the spread of UGC. ”

In addition to automatically predicting human behavior, a list of his future desires (including shopping, travel, movies, and books), according to Eric Schmidt, the technologies of the future will make it possible to predict illnesses and various crises. The only way to eliminate the use of information for criminal purposes is complete transparency and lack of anonymity. “In the world of asynchronous threats, it’s too dangerous not to have a way to identify you. We need a reliable service to verify the names of people. States will demand it. ”

Although much of this sounds scary, but according to Eric Schmidt, the technological revolution will occur even during our lifetime.

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