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gosuslugi.ru - review of available services

image Hi,% username%. On Habré regularly appear articles about the site of public services and its services, about getting a passport has been repeatedly told . Recently there was a topic about information about fines for traffic violations. However, in addition to this, there are some more useful and not-so-useful services on the site, then there will be a small overview.

Pension Fund

You can view information about the status of the personal account: who, when, how much money transferred to your account; information about the profit received from the work of the management company. The information, in general, is the same as in the “letters of happiness” - it is only updated more often, you do not need to go to the post office and can be viewed at any time. Yes, and letters do not always come (I did not receive even once). Registered users can view information only about themselves. Now this service for some reason does not work. There are suspicions that the connection with the FIU database does not work, and therefore closed the registration.

The Federal Migration Service

In addition to obtaining a passport, you can also apply for registration at the place of stay. You need to select a city, enter a bunch of data: passport details (your own and the owner of the dwelling); data of the document confirming the ownership of the dwelling; period of residence and, of course, the address. After verification, the registration certificate will be sent by mail (normal) to the owner of the premises. Removal from the register at the place of stay is carried out similarly.
You can also apply for a Russian passport in case of its replacement / restoration or change of your data. The process is similar to the registration of a passport: fill out a form, upload a photo, wait, come for a passport at the appointed time with the documents and receipt.

Useless service: the provision of address-reference information - allows you to find out where such and such a person lives. When filling you need to specify his name, date and place of birth. For information about the residence of the citizen requires his consent.

Ministry of Culture

Service - search for information about books. There is a search by author, title, ISBN, place and year of publication, the name of the publisher. It is enough to indicate any requisite - in response, the values ​​of all these fields about the found books will be displayed. This service is available without registration. It may be useful in compiling a list of references to the abstract, etc.

UPD: The second service is “Providing information from state library funds in the part that does not concern copyright”. Found texts can be read directly on the site or download in PDF format. Thanks Jaggy for the tip.

Ministry of the Interior

In addition to the devastating search for fines for traffic violations, you can also sign up for a technical inspection of the vehicle. The process is extremely simple: choose the type of car, enter the registration number and registration certificate number, choose the date and point of inspection. Disadvantages: the service is available only for Moscow and the region (for other regions there are no inspection points in the list).

Useless service: the transfer of information about crimes. If something happens, then a call to a short number to the police will be much more efficient.

The Federal Tax Service

In the list of services is "Filing a tax return." The service is useless a little less than completely: you need to download a special program (very uncomfortable, by the way), fill in the declaration, save it in an XML file, upload it to the site and get a unique number, print the declaration on paper and bring it to the inspection, indicating the number received . It is easier to fill in the declaration, print it and send it by regular paper mail.
Similarly apply for registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Federal State Statistics Service

Only one service, but which one: obtaining official statistical information. You need to select one of the many categories, specify the period of interest, and after a few seconds you can download a table with ready data. Also the answer comes in the mail.

A useful thing for those who are looking for statistics for work or study. The service is available without registration.

In addition to the above, it is possible to submit applications for obtaining / renewing licenses / permits to some departments. Here it will not be considered - such services are needed for a very limited circle of people.

What is the result? A well done search in statistics and books, other services give the impression of a beta version: there is a glitch, there is a shortcut. Particularly surprising fields are required, but not available for editing. In many cases, submitting an application through the website will not help to avoid standing in a line for a personal visit. We will wait for updates and hope for improvement.

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