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Opening a blog for ISI Emerging Markets


Greetings to all visitors and users of Habrahabr!

Today, Habrahabr opens the ISI Emerging Markets company blog, in which we will share experiences, publish interesting statistics, and in which we can discuss the pros and cons of our products. Acting employees of the company will be directly involved in the communication.
I want to immediately tell a little about us and about what we do:

Internet Securities Inc. (ISI), part of the group of companies Euromoney. The headquarters is located in New York, and representative offices - in 27 countries of the world. We create databases that provide access (web access, mobile applications, add-ons to office applications) to the entire spectrum of information on the economies of developing countries - news, market conditions, legislation, macroeconomic and financial indicators.

In general, we are an integrator of information about the markets of developing countries. Our base is an additional tool for the analyst, investor, and PR specialist to make decisions about entering a particular market, monitoring the situation on it, and much more.

I hope that everyone can find in our blog something useful and interesting for themselves!

Alexey Popov

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