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Huawei - an uninvited guest in the US market

Huawei workers The Chinese company Huawei has long rid itself of childhood illnesses and has grown into a full-fledged player in the telecom business: industrial espionage and the copying of other people's developments are far in the past. Interested in increasing their own assets, Huawei decided to enter the American market by acquiring several companies to expand business in the United States. However, despite lucrative offers to buy - according to some sources, the amount was more than $ 100 million in each case - Huawei was denied acquisition of assets in the United States.

The participants in the transaction suggest that Huawei was unable to obtain permission to purchase from the US government. The candidates for the purchase were the largest software supplier - 2Wire Inc., as well as a division of Motorola Inc. for the production of wireless equipment, which was recently acquired by the Nokia Siemens Network. Probably, the past of the company and its creator Zhengfei (Ren Zhengfei), who had worked for the military organization People's Liberation Army, was to blame.

This is not the company's first failure: in 2008, Huawei did not allow the acquisition of the American company 3Com on the pretext that the Chinese government was thus trying to gain access to the intrusion prevention technology used by the US Department of Defense.
Source: Bloomberg

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