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Panorama with one click? 360 ° video? Easy!


The American company launched the sale of lenses that have angles of view:


Horizontal viewing angle (hFOV)Full 360 °
Vertical viewing angle (vFOV)115 ° (+ 52.5 °, -62.5 °)
(52.5 ° above the horizon, 62.5 ° below the horizon)
ReflectorPolished, ground glass
Quartz sheeting
OpticsAll glass optics (not plastic)
HousingAluminium case
(without plastic, except for the protective cover)
Level (Bubbles in liquid)Built

You can install this lens on most cameras with an interchangeable lens, like on a soap dish:

So on the SLR:


Full compatibility list.

Panorama examples

Photos are clickable, under photos - links to tours:



The remaining examples are here .

Video examples could not be inserted, but you can see on this page, there are also interactive games.

The cost of such things from the manufacturer - € 399 ($ 550). Together with the lens you will receive a special software

PS As for me - a little expensive for such a decision, but still has a place in life. The whole problem is in focus.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101074/

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