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Torchlight 2 in development

Torchlight 2 in development

Studio Runic Games officially announced the development of the game Torchlight 2 - the continuation of "Diablo clone from the creators of Diablo."

The original game was very well appreciated in the press, and the public also voted for the project in specie, so the authors were simply obliged to start working on the sequel.

Basically, the Torchlight 2 process will not change compared to the original - the gaming capabilities will only expand and will be worked out more deeply. Visualization will be noticeably improved - the authors promise realistic weather effects, changing weather conditions and other goodies.
The main gift for fans, of course, will be a cooperative for four people. In addition, it will now be possible to choose a hero from four classes, rather than three. Well, the TorchED editor, thanks to which users can independently change the game as they please, will be finalized.

Release Torchlight 2 will be held in spring 2011, the toy will be sold through online services. Hopefully, the development of a sequel will not affect the creation of the MMORPG Torchlight, which Runic Games boss Max Schafer (Max Schaefer) has promised to release by the end of next year.

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