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Syndicate will be reborn

Syndicate will be reborn

It has long been rumored that the iconic strategic series Syndicate, which began its existence in 1993, will be reincarnated, and ended in 1996 with the release of Syndicate Wars. According to rumors , the developer is Starbreeze Studios. This office is now working on some kind of game, hiding under the working title Project RedLime - this is probably the new part of the bearded franchise.

Today it became known that the company Electronic Arts has registered three trademarks in which the word Syndicate appears. This is another confirmation that the legendary series will be reborn in the near future.

Development of Syndicate, we recall, at one time was engaged in the studio Bullfrog Productions, founded by the notorious Peter Molyneux (Peter Molyneux), as you know, he is now working on the game Fable 3.

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