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Running line in the address bar

Not so long ago there was a post about lengthening urls, in which zxmd expressed the idea:
“A new advertising medium is a running line in the address bar”

Perhaps this can really be used for advertising, but in my opinion there are more successful media.

Therefore, let it be just a “shortcut for deferred links and creeping URLs” .

For myself, I have already found a way to apply such a bit inadequate things. Now you can send someone a link with a comment and you can be sure that if they open the link, they will read the comment.
For example a warning about the spooler: Movie Start .

You can create these things here: http://tagt.ru/goto/dc854 . Since this is nothing more than fun, I did not screw up a separate domain.

PS: In the implementation, as you understand nothing complicated.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101064/

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