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Have a question? Ask Facebook

On Wednesday, Facebook introduced a new service “questions and answers”. With the help of which users will be able to ask questions to the Facebook community. “Thanks to this opportunity, you can connect more than 500 million of the collective knowledge of Facebook users,” writes Blake Ross, director of product management for Facebook on the company's blog .

Questions and answers will be visible to any user who is online, which makes the new Facebook service very similar to Twitter. But more simple to use, since all the questions and answers will be grouped together. Companies that have Facebook accounts will also be able to use the service.

Such services are very important for the Internet, so that it is possible for users to find the answer to their question in the huge flow of information on the Internet and connect other people who know it to search for the answer.
Google, for example, has improved its answer-finding service. Now if you keep an easy question, such as “What time is it in London?” The answer will appear at the top of the search result.

Questions on Facebook can be formulated as open-ended questions or polls (“Should I go to France, Croatia or Greece?”) And include photos.

Questions will be sorted by topic for more convenient search of topics of interest to the user.

So far, the service is not available to many users, but in the near future will be available to all.

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