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US military is attacking from the Internet

The Internet is becoming an increasingly important tool for influencing groups of people in the politics of states. The blogosphere is now the largest source of opposition material that is read by millions of people, in Russia - about half of Internet users (22 million users according to LJ statistics, while approximately 40 million users in social networks are on the Russian Internet). In the US, there was a major leak of secret information - 90,000 secret reports on the war in Afghanistan were published on the Wikileaks website, according to which it is clear that there are much more casualties among civilians than in official data. However, the authenticity of the materials has not been proven, so this may well be a quality-made compromising information in the information struggle of American political forces - supporters of Obama, who advocate an end to the war, this can be beneficial.

In the meantime, Iceland is preparing to become an Internet mecca for political refugees and ardent oppositionists from many countries. On the territory of the country it will be allowed to host servers of sites containing compromising materials of any kind. Taking into account the fact that international domain zones (* .com, * .org, etc.) are usually not subject to withdrawal, unlike the infamous * .ru fact, the international domain + hosting in Iceland can be the choice of many bloggers and radical media.

Detailed video footage of the above in Infomania:


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101053/

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