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A little about the Russian business Scartel

Yota is now one of the main newsmakers in the market of telecom operators. This is due, of course, to the turbid history of receiving and withdrawing frequencies. I would like to share some articles and my opinion.

LTE neither on Yotu - PCWeek.

Let's think about it. Was it necessary to work like this? Is there no way more honest. At least relatively. Yes, everyone knows that mobile operators cut in cell towers without waiting for permission. To pay a fine in this case is more profitable than not to include communication. But still some facts speak for themselves.

Frequency permit issuing machine

I suggest to get acquainted with the table (pdf, 800 KB) prepared by Alexey Boyko (www.mforum.ru). " ... the frequency permit issuance machine with Yota worked smoothly, in particular, only in the period from March to May 2010, this company issued about 200 (!!) frequency permits ." - Quote from the LJ community ru_4g . And this is despite the fact that " ... the radio frequency resource 2.5-2.7 GHz a year ago, in August 2009, was recognized as a limited resource, which“ is subject to distribution by competition or auction. ”But this is the rule for“ Scartel ”for which the reason was not applied - to the frequencies available to the company with a “width” of 40 MHz, it received almost as many more ... without competition . " Denis Sverdlov has his own arguments in this regard. This is not surprising.

I gave birth to you, I will kill you!

We have a sensational order of Roskomnadzor for number 510. At the same time, according to various sources, this order is dated April 27, 2010 (easily googled in news feeds), or July 27, 2010 (see article). What is interesting is the first date. If the order is valid, dated April 27, 2010, then it recognizes invalid the permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels dated May 4, 2010 . The officials who issued the order foresaw that Yota would receive frequencies on May 4? With regret it is worth noting that the site Roskomnadzor on this issue is silent .

The left hand does not know what the right one is doing

Another moment, which at least indirectly shows that the licenses of Yote were issued (or extended?) Through the stump-deck. Take the license number 67898. On the site of Yota, the date of commencement of services is May 11, 2010 On the Roskomnadzor website, we have another term - November 11, 2010 . If it was an extension, then it was done quietly, like everything that is happening inside Scartel. But, given that the state corporation is present in the shareholders of Scartel (I think we all know how state corporations and other budding state structures solve issues), we can assume that this is an ordinary bureaucratic mess. But I want to believe in the best.

What to do?

Further, the opinions of telecom analysts and experts diverge. I am inclined to agree with some statements.

Well, in conclusion I will say. Everything that Scartel is doing now, I do not approve. It seems to me that there is still time and opportunity to turn in the other direction and move in the right direction. Where - I do not know. But not in the direction of "we will take right now and build LTE faster than everyone else, how fast WiMax was built faster than anyone." Moreover, the investments of the state corporation Russian Technologies in Scartel are essentially our investments. It was the people who earned the money that Russian Technologies invested in Scartel. And we don’t need the next drilling rigs for VTB.

So it goes.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101048/

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