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Dedicated by REG.RU

REG.RU is gaining “weight”: we decided to diversify our virtual services with something heavy (in the literal sense of the word) and now we are offering to rent physical REG.Dedicated servers.

We will tell you immediately and without undue modesty, why REG.Dedicated is better than the physical servers of other companies:

- Installation of the server on the same day, 7 days a week;
- A wide selection of pre-installed OS and the ability to install your own OS;
- Allocation of a block of 8 IP addresses in one subnet for free;
- 24-hour technical support at the level of requests to the ticket system from the website;
- Provision of equipment of the selected configuration;
- Full root access to server management at the SSH level and a cross screwdriver at the hard drive level;
- Uninterrupted power supply;
- Super fast replacement of failed equipment;
- The ability to use the multifunctional panel ISP Manager Lite or Pro for an additional fee at special favorable prices;
- Remote computer control via KVM;
- Detailed traffic report;
¬- All management, server administration, software installation and modification is carried out directly by you. You can also order the service from our specialists for an additional fee;
And most importantly: the guaranteed response time to the request is no more than 1 hour! On the day of the order, you will be able to get acquainted with the selected server personally, in the photo or we will arrange you a video conference :)

We are happy to make everyone happy with a wide choice of server configuration, affordable price and high quality REG.Dedicated support!

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