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Hivext Technologies - Winning the software development competition for young professionals Dev Generation 2010


Softline Venture Partners, a venture capital investment fund, announced our Hivext Platform project the winner of the Dev Generation 2010 competition. What we are very pleased about.

There are several reasons for our joy:

This event is significant not only for us, but also for the Russian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market as a whole. In fact, our platform has become the first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) product that received investments in Russia. Such events are undoubtedly important for the development of the SaaS market in terms of the growing popularity of SaaS products and the trust of end users in them.
Softline Venture Partners (SVP) is part of the international Softline group of companies, a leader in the Russian software distribution and licensing market.

Hivext Platform is a cloud platform for rapid development of scalable web applications and delivery of SaaS models to end users. You create applications using the high-level API of the platform, which takes on the task of scaling databases, file systems and application logic to a multitude of computational nodes, if necessary, for more information about the platform architecture .

In the near future
In the medium-term plans, the creation of a local SDK, which will allow to develop directly in the cloud from the local machine through the Eclipse IDE.

Besides PHP, Java and server-side Javascript are available .

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