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How to be a sysadmin and live up to 100 years

Many times used all sorts of books from O'Reilly. Then suddenly on the Perl recipe to cook, then in Bind urgently fix something. Or suddenly you need to talk on the "programmer hair dryer" - regular expressions, therefore. Whole kitchen in
favorite publishing is. But the life of a sysadmin is not just reading books and documentation. The sysadmin is a living person. He is also not alien to the joys of human life. For a while, while you are young, it seems that neither Chinese noodles nor quick lunches in the workplace can turn you away from the IT Jedi. Pepsi, kitty pies, fast foods, many went through this school of survival. Until one day you start searching between the lines in O'Reilly's books for a homemade pizza recipe.

Our service is both dangerous and difficult.

The work of the system administrator to someone, especially the authorities may seem easy and irresponsible. Often, the sysadmin is remembered when something breaks. Let's say that the client bank does not work on the eve of the salary payment, or the server has bucked up from the heat and the domain controller is covered.

A sad admin appears out of nowhere, mumbling something under his breath. “Who builds like this! Well, who builds like this?

Steadfastly enduring the cries of the chief accountant, the director and other superiors, brings to life the entire enterprise system. Then, after attacks of rage, the good uncles and aunts heads thank, shake hands and drink tea. But believe me, spoon
valerian would be much better.
The sysadmin during his work are many adverse factors. The busy schedule, the constant search for the know-how of the computer world, the overload of information flows, the requirement to think outside the box
(I do not know where to go there), possession of adjacent knowledge sections (accounting, record keeping), increased or paranoid attitude to safety, adverse radiation from computer equipment, a small room for work, often poorly ventilated, floating work schedules, shifted meals, processing and other factors.

Admin you health, gentlemen

Indeed, with such hard work "it is difficult to be God"! So, if you are healthy, you do not have weight and good eyesight - you are the perfect administrator. Congratulations!

For the rest, you can give some useful recipes from “grandparents” in sysadministration.

Get from the authorities of understanding that the deterioration of the health of the sysadmin is directly proportional to the work of the enterprise. It's enough to be tired for a week, to twitch from calls on Saturday, Sunday, so that on Monday, almost falling asleep, confusing the server, overload the worker for 10 minutes at the height of work. You did not have this? You are a happy man!

The air in the room where the sysadmin works must be conditioned. Otherwise, the brakes and hangs on your brain will surpass the brakes of the personal computer of the Loser employee with Windows XP, 128 MB of RAM and the installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Always wonder what the cost of your mistake and plant downtime is.

The room, the location of your workplace should be adequate to your ambitions. If you want to have healthy offspring, do not live on the same energizers, ask for a separate workplace. It should not be a former storage room with leaking pipes or a place in the room with the secretary. In order to assemble a cluster of two computers breathing its last on Linux, we need divine silence.

The monitor should be very good, because only botanists can work by constantly reading from a bad monitor.

The system unit to choose the most silent, otherwise your nervous system, very soon will start to falter. This will instantly affect your ability to play WoW.

All diseases are from nerves, so try to be more positive.

You do not have a backup "1 C"? Died air conditioning in the server? Smile, relax. Read bash.org, call the secretary, and ask him about the recursive acronym, they say, you need to buy along with a stapler and a USB coffee maker. Mentally enter the image of your WoW hero, recharge your batteries with powerful energy against the mate, reproaches and cuts in the prize. Remember your nervous system, this is actually the north bridge on the enterprise motherboard.

Be in nature more often, let all static charges go into the ground. Computers are a good thing, but they will not replace a picnic in nature with kebabs, wine and girls.

Learn to drink green tea instead of coffee. Someday the body will tell you a big thank you.

Stimulate the desire to play sports. Encourage yourself for this in every way. Finally, after catching your breath, start going to the gym. Do not confuse with the sport bar.

Exercise with iron as nothing else restores physical fitness.

Who would dare shout to you in the back, won, they say, the nerd went, after two years of physical exercises in the hall?

Eat something for which then will not be ashamed. Hot, freshly prepared food is what you deserve.

Let enikeyshiki suck up Chinese noodles mixed with dihydrogen monoxide and spooky spices. You should have 1st, 2nd and 3rd, like az, beeches, lead. Asceticism is useful for a sysadmin, but do not make of this cult - be simpler, eat tasty food. A hot borsch thermos is better than a pie with a suspicious odor.

The Japanese, as is known, at certain times of the day serve various stimulating aromas into the air. Where to us before them, but citrus smells today in free sale - use on health.

Understand the main thing - you deserve a happy and healthy life!

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