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The cheapest coworking in Moscow

35.56 KB Some companies like Habrahabr very much, almost like you,%% username. They love so much that they do not compose standard advertising texts, which are still mercilessly zaminusyut, and come up with how to please the users and please them. One small coworking office in Belorusskaya , for example, decided that if a habrayuser starts up in an office, then this is good luck, and so I decided to lure Habrahabr with the lowest prices for renting a workplace - having read this post to the end it will cost only 4,500 rubles a month.

ATN has been offering to rent jobs in its coworking center for almost two years now - since the end of 2008. Unfortunately, the prices of that time are no longer there - inflation in our country is so far the only indicator demonstrating stably impressive dynamics, and the greed of the owners of business centers is growing even faster - so this post might not have been. But still Co-Working No. 1 (it was not I who came up with such a modest name) in Belarus continues its work - and even offers special conditions for Habr. But first - a small lyrical digression.

Who needs it

What is co-working, I think, everything is up to date - you rent not walls, air and hemorrhoids to keep your office in order, but only what you need - a chair, a table and the Internet. As a rule, this is a good option for freelancers, single or working in small teams. The main advantages of coworking for them are the ability to clearly separate work and personal life, work and home, work time and rest (this is all first plus), and - in the case of teamwork - the opportunity to work together, which is simply necessary when solving certain tasks (well it’s not sitting in cafes, if regularly there is a need for working “meetings” - this is not serious).
But, of course, coworking is not for everyone. If you have a team of five people or more, then it may be more profitable to attend to your room. A creative atmosphere is a creative atmosphere, but if the people around you are busy with very different things than you, then this can start to distract you. However, this is all individually. At various times, a web studio, an advertising online agency, an online store, SEO-shniki, a consulting company (and really, why do they need an office?) Worked and worked in the coworking center “number 1”; agency and many others.

Show your menu

The list of amenities, on the one hand, is standard for any office, on the other - you don’t need to worry about providing them and supporting them - these are problems of the landlord.

So, in the office of ATN, I discovered the following:

Among the shortcomings is a tricky route from the metro: it seems to be close by, but it’s really about ten minutes to go. Landmark - Golden Palace, by not pass. Another disadvantage is the lack of negotiation. To communicate not directly behind the workplace, you need to rent a meeting room in a nearby business center or, again, to meet in a cafe :)

How comfortable is it to work there? I was in this center quite late in the evening, and I could not assess the noise of the office during working hours. Therefore, if you are going to look at this option for yourself, I advise you to go in the morning, when everything is still in place, in order to estimate how comfortable it will be to work in an open-space environment.

Issue price

The conditions for Habr are very loyal: give an invite, raise karma and even confirm your registration is not necessary. Although karma can still be raised. It is enough to inform that you are from Habr and you are interested in the workplace of the user. Payment for the month in advance, without any additional payments. You can find out where to pay the rent conditions and other questions you are interested in. You can arrange a visit to the office by calling (495) 517-22-26 and 517-19-95 (from 9:00 to 21:00) or by mail to sveta @ me. com with Svetlana.


By the way, if there is anyone with Habra already working or working in this coworker - respond, add your impressions to the post.

UPD In the comments to the questions answers atn .

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