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Import contacts to HTC Wildfire via Bluetooth

Android When buying a new phone, the question of importing contact information from old devices is always topical. Android is a young system, so these tools are rather poorly developed. For example, with the help of a staffed PC Suite, you can synchronize your old man’s contacts with Outlook , and then use HTC Sync to download to a new Android smartphone. Or try to prepare a list of contacts in the CVS-document compatible with Google Contacts, and import it into the Google service, and even then the Android-smartphone will synchronize itself with the online service.

But when I faced the goal of moving some contacts from the very old HTC S740 to Wildfire, everything turned out to be much easier. HTC Wildfire has a rather useful Transfer utility ( Transfer in Russian localization). This program via bluetooth communicates remotely with the donor phone and synchronizes in a couple of clicks. There is only one restriction on the use: your old phone must support the SIM Access Profile protocol, which is widely used to interact with car stereos.

An approximate algorithm of the application is shown below.

When you start the application, the Wizard starts.
HTC Transfer

First of all, it is proposed to enable Bluetooth on the second device and transfer it to the visibility mode by other devices
HTC Transfer

Next is setting up partnership between phones.
HTC Transfer

After the partnership is configured, it is proposed to select the services available on the second phone. HTC S740 could only give away contacts
HTC Transfer

And now, after 5 minutes of transmission
HTC Transfer

All 400 with a tail of contacts moved to Wildfire
HTC Transfer

It remains only to hope that the infrastructure around Android in the future will only be developed and complemented by new tools.

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