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Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, or how DVB-H television works in Moscow

Having visited last weekend to my familiar cell phone sellers at Savelovsky market, I found in the pavilion an abundance of goods and a total absence of buyers. The latter was due to the insane heat reigning in the corridor of shops and stores, starting from the exit of the subway. It’s very hard to be in it for more than five minutes, but the guys and girls are sitting in their workplaces from morning until late evening. I don’t understand how good health is. I categorically do not recommend reading these lines to visit Savela until he “gets cold” to at least +25.

But the post, of course, is not about that. At one of the counters, I spotted the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition. “What,” I ask, “Another Chinese self-marketer from the series Stop Sims Plus TV, ochin jenoyo?” “No,” the guys answer, “Real Finnish merchandise, with a digital tuner. And expensive - 7900 rubles. " They offered to try it on the spot, but I had already managed to go crazy with the heat, so I begged the device to go home for a couple of days in order to touch the Finnish answer to the Chinese at a more acceptable temperature.

Nokia 5330 DVB-H
With your permission, I will tell you the most important thing about the device itself, without any unnecessary meticulousness in this case. This is a typical slider on the S40 6th Edition platform. Moderately compact, perfectly lying in the hand, the keyboard is pulled out with one thumb movement without fear of dropping the phone (I came across models with an awkwardly tight mechanism). The case itself is black, glossy. Fingerprints collected as an experienced fingerprinting. The keyboard field is metallic silver with letters and numbers glowing white. It would look rather sad, but the designers have provided an interesting personalization option - the color of the backlight around the keyboard can be selected from as many as 49 options. Girls will be delighted, and fun for us.

The camera in 5330 unpretentious, 3.2 megapixel, without autofocus. That is, it allows you to click a funny scene on the street, but no more. Realizing that the camera is not so hot, they did not even make a hardware button for it on the case. But there is a normal 3.5-mm headphone jack, and, I must say, the sound of the device produces a pleasant one. After all, he has a fellow Nokia 5330 XpressMusic, differing only in colors and the absence of a TV tuner, and the audio component was made quite qualitatively. The single speaker 5330 is very loud. Hear even in cold winter through cotton pants.

Nokia 5330 DVB-H

Music and photos can be stored on a microSD card, with one such capacity of 1 GB immediately included. Not much, but for the first time enough, and then you can stick up to 16 GB inclusive.

A 1000 mAh battery lasts two days, and the player mode puts him very little. But surfing the Internet in 5330 obviously does not like to - noticeably heats up and nervously eats the battery. I will not lie, I haven’t put it to the end, but while I was setting up the TV, EDGE was quite active, and in half an hour the battery on the screen turned black by about one-fifth. However, with great difficulty I imagine serious surfing on a screen with such a diagonal and resolution.

Nokia 5330 DVB-H
It is easy to see that the frame size on the Nokia 5330 is about the same as that of the upright iPhone. It is very small.

Yes, yes, we are approaching the main point. The screen diagonal is 2.4 inches with a resolution of 240x320 pixels. The picture on it is bright, juicy, but ... too small. That is, there is clearly no screen for viewing anything more serious than photos taken on the built-in camera. And you will have to watch it - otherwise why buy Mobile TV Edition? Maybe the Finns know what kind of secret, and I, lapotnik, am not carping about the case? Now and see ...

Tuner in Nokia 5330 is not easy, but DVB-H. This means that he does not catch regular on-air channels, we need special digital ones. These are now in test mode broadcasts "Beeline". In order for the TV to work, you need to plug a headset or headphones into the jack, they will act as an antenna. Honestly, I did not expect such archaism from deeply digital technology, but oh well.

The TV application menu is about the same as that of conventional TVs, and when you first start, you need to give the command to search for channels. Thinking a little, the device found a digital Beeline Mobile TV broadcast, and brought up icons on the screen as many as thirteen icons. But that's not all: to watch TV, you need to subscribe. However, while there is a test operation, it costs 0 rubles 0 kopecks, and I was warned ominously that this amount would be withdrawn from my mobile account. Yes, Nokia was also amused by the warning that it has nothing to do with the content and asks not to make a complaint, if something is not shown.

Nokia 5330 DVB-H

The subscription was issued on the second attempt, because the first one was not answered by the server responsible for distributing the access keys. Well and further, in general, everything, welcome to look. As I said, thirteen channels: “First”, “Russia 1”, “Russia 24”, “NTV”, “Petersburg”, “Channel 5”, “Bibigon”, GamelandTV, MuzTV, RUTV, “Expert TV”, TiJi, MGM, 2Sport2. It is not for me to judge the usefulness of the recruitment; I have only been watching news on Russia 24 for a long time. The process of viewing did not deliver any special surprises, switching between channels is quite easy, thanks to the touch buttons at the bottom of the screen. It seems that the program schedule for each channel should also be downloaded, but on the day when I became acquainted with all this, the function was not available. But in general, it is useful - it allows you to pre-order programs and watch them in the recordings, as well as go back in the broadcast for about thirty seconds. Well, test operation, nothing can be done.

Nokia 5330 DVB-H

By the way, in one of the points of the apartment I caught Yota TV. There are only eight channels, but to access them you do not need any subscriptions - set up and watch. Unfortunately, the signal quality in the vicinity of the house turned out to be disgusting, and therefore I switched back to Beeline. This procedure is simple, but you need to do a search for channels and confirm the subscription.

Nokia 5330 DVB-H

A few words about the quality of the broadcast. I have a house that even the radio does not catch in the rooms. Whether the walls are thick, or it is worthless. Nevertheless, DVB-H showed quite acceptable, especially if you are not lazy to expand the antenna-headset wider. Along the way, it was found that ordinary large headphones catch the signal better than the last. How it all looks - you can see in the video . Specially came out in the sun, so that you can appreciate the "watchability" of the screen in such an environment. For those who are too lazy to watch, I will say - it is normal, it does not glare at all, the viewing angles are excellent. On the street and in my Chertanovo, and within the Garden Ring, where I was able to visit, the signal is very decent, I have no questions for him. They say that there are still holes in the coating, but, I repent, I could not find those in the street for two days. It does not always show indoors, either artifacts or image jerks are possible. But at the window, usually to catch a steady signal will not be a problem.

But to the device I have a lot of questions. First of all, what kind soul did the design of Mobile TV Edition, if it's really not worth it on the edge? No, well, it's funny - you have to put something behind or clamp the 5330 between the ear cushions! Isn't it obvious that the TV is not only watched by holding it in both hands. What part of the brain designers thought - I do not understand. Moreover, in the hands of the quality of reception is much worse than when the phone is on the table.

Nokia 5330 DVB-H

Secondly, the screen, of course, is too small. You can watch the news, domestic TV shows, probably, too, but 2.4-inch football and hockey are not suitable categorically. Meanwhile, it is interesting football and hockey matches that often overtake us on the road, and why they didn’t pick up a device with a larger screen for mobile television - I have no idea. Well, at least it would be possible to display a picture on a monitor or GPS-navigator (there are models with a video input), so there is no.

Thirdly, the inability to work without a wired headset at all, somewhat discouraging. In 2005, I tested the first DVB-H handsets at Nokia’s main office, and, you know, they normally did without such surrogate antennas. Why Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition doesn't cope - you should ask Nokia again.

If the signal quality drops, pictures appear in the best traditions of Vincent Van Gogh.

And the last. We were pleased with the accuracy with which Nokia predicted the operating time in TV mode. The site says about 5.2 hours, so here is my phone, telling something to the wall in the next room, was silent after 5 hours and 8 minutes.

Peculiar impression left familiarity with the phone and DVB-H. On the one hand, I, as a computer person, really like the fact that the figure rushes through the air and forms a pretty picture with stereo sound. On the other hand, a specific hardware implementation is suitable only for demonstrating the achievements of technology to friends and enchanted ladies, but it would hardly be desirable to constantly watch TV on such a small screen. Plus, we should not forget that broadcasting in DVB-H works (for now?) Only in Moscow, and for field trips it is better to take something with an analog tuner.

Five years ago DVB-H was also running in Finland, and for a subscription to a set of local channels, they asked for € 4.90 per month, and for a full set, including, among other things, CNN and Eurosport, € 9.90. It's nice that our operators are such altruists, and decided to test the service at their own expense. How much DVB-H “Beeline” will cost in a commercial mode, and what channels will be available - this is a great mystery, as well as the timing of the transition to commercial rails. So while you can use. It would be on what.

PS By the way, the hero of the review is made in China :)

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