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Facebook won Facebook.me

The history of the struggle of Facebook Corporation for the domain name Facebook.me, registered in the United Arab Emirates, is over. The world's largest social network received the domain name rights Facebook.me.


Earlier, the social network filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which said that the domain facebook.me is used by cybersquatters who profit from the popularity of the Facebook brand. Recall that according to the decision of the ICANN Internet Corporation, the World Intellectual Property Organization performs the role of supreme arbitration in resolving domain disputes.

The plaintiff, in general, did not have to prove that the controversial domain name was confusingly similar to the Facebook trademark registered under international and several national procedures, and therefore could be misleading for Internet users. In addition, the cunning UAE resident tried to resell the corporation's Facebook.me for a price that "significantly exceeds its potential costs." Consequently, the domain was used, and that the most “terrible” was recorded with unfair intentions.

The defendant himself, of course, did not plead guilty, tried to lead a counter-argument that he “did not even think of creating a website on this domain name; I just wanted to redirect it to a personal page on the Internet. ” The WIPO Arbitration Group, which considered the case, listened to these arguments, but nevertheless judged in favor of the corporation-social networking site Facebook, which, by the way, has already obtained the domains Facebook.IR (Iran), Facebook.NL (Netherlands), Facebook.ES (Spain), Facebook.COM.AU (Australia) and Facebook.IE (Ireland). The WIPO decision states that the facebook.me domain was indeed registered for fraudulent purposes and the former owner of the domain fully understood this fact.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101005/

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