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Managers and managers. Looking for differences

In our work, we all somehow encounter people from whom we need to get something. No matter what - resources, money, response, coordination, information or something else. The situation is always the same - our next steps depend on this person. And whether this person works in your company or not, whether you have leverage over it or not, the principle does not change. This person is already the manager in terms of influencing you and your actions.

I will try to share my experience with such an assessment with you after my next mistake, when, despite obvious signs, I continued to spend my time and energy to achieve a result.

To begin with, I will offer the following terminology, which has proven itself very well in my experience:

As you can already guess, it is very pleasant to deal with managers, and if your proposal may be of interest to anyone, adequately and expediently, you will quickly find a common language.
With managers , everything is much worse. There can act hundreds of forces that interfere with work - from the megalomania, to the inferiority complex; from greed to unmotivated principled position. With them, you can try to resolve issues as quickly and creatively as possible or try to move to another (more adequate) contact person, preferably a manager.

I will try to list the signs by which a person can be quickly attributed to one of these types.



Unfortunately, there are too few managers in our life and too many managers. In addition, in some cases we ourselves are not in the role in which we would like. Therefore, I urge you to start solving such problems from yourself first and you can cope with others ... There are many ways to overcome the barriers of Manager, but there are a lot of clever books on this subject and I am not sure that such an article will be very interesting and relevant.

I wish all dear haberdasters to face managers more often and bring all their undertakings to a successful conclusion.

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