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1962 glass found its way into high-tech

Since 2008, the American corporation Corning , a company with 159 years of history, known in Russia for its St. Petersburg scientific center and developments in the field of fiber optics, has become the world's largest manufacturer of glass for mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Few people know that the Gorilla Glass high-strength glass of aluminosilicate was obtained as early as 1962 (the original name is Chemcor) and, until recently, was not used anywhere. No one could find commercial use of this material with unusual properties until touchscreens were born.

Development under the Project Muscle project to create “glass durable as steel” using chemical and heat treatment methods began in the late 50s, and a few years later they received the first sample. It was supposed to make him car windows, but just at that time the British competitor Pilkington Bros. invented a much cheaper mass production method.

Glass sheets priced at about $ 30 turned out to be too expensive for the automotive industry - and the project was frozen for almost half a century until a technological revolution took place.
The first customer for Gorilla glass appeared only in 2008, and as early as next year the company earned $ 170 million on its sales, screens with a protective coating made of this glass were installed in 40 million mobile phones and other devices. Since 2011, the first Asian manufacturers will begin to cover this glass TV screens.

Glass Gorilla Glass is different in that it is quite difficult to scratch and almost impossible to break. According to its specifications, it is about two or three stronger than ordinary glass reinforced with chemical materials ( video of strength tests ). Due to its properties, it is possible to make thinner plates, which is important for preserving the aesthetic properties of phones and televisions.

Now Gorilla Glass is used in more than 100 mobile devices , including Motorola Droid smartphones and LG X300 netbooks.

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