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Idea: legal file sharing

The idea is as follows:

1. At some resource X, users are given the opportunity to manage their discographies and view discographies of other users (all or from a list of friends).
2. User A can at any time request User B to share this or that content.
3. In response to a request, user B can give user A a link (or a .torrent file, not important) to the requested content. Their correspondence is private.

Thus, since there is no publication of content, there is no offense, since Art. 1273 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation allows "without the consent of the author or other rightholder and without paying remuneration by a citizen, for personal purposes only, a lawfully published work" Moreover, the profit under-received from such copying is already compensated to him by a tax on blanks. The situation is completely analogous to the fact that A came to visit B and copied the B disk with his permission. Unfortunately, on computer programs (including games) Art. 1273 does not apply, but for movies, music and books - completely.
Lawyers, correct me if I'm in something wrong.

I give the idea to anyone for free, and I am even ready to provide all possible assistance in the development of the site if someone takes it.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100988/

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