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BCD clock do it yourself

Once again, kicking students toward a sign on the wall of the classroom with the binary code translated into decimal, it occurred to me to do something luminous, eye-catching and always with binary code. For each student in class, the most important thing, after the name of the teacher and the subject of study , is when the break comes. So I decided to make a binary clock and set it in the audience. The session ended, the students ran away, a little free time appeared, and that's what I did

Rear view, entrails, squeaker and clock setting button and alarm.

Inside the ATmega48 microcontroller, a DS1302 real-time clock with a lithium battery next to it in case of a light cut-off, a bundle of LEDs connected in a matrix and a sea of ​​joy.

The test at home and friends showed that after 10 minutes after explanations and observations, even a person far from mathematics is quite capable of disassembling combinations of lights and understanding what time it is. After a couple of days, time begins to be determined automatically and without mental exertion.
A side effect was discovered, some guests hang for a long time watching the patterns and losing the thread of conversation.

At the request of a friend made another copy of the blue

For those who do not know what these watches show, read the instructions .

In a month I will test on my students.

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