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Working with GMail bookmarks

This article is about how you can make a bookmark manager using Google Mail and Google Docs.
At the same time, you will never lose them (even if you delete from GMail, the copy will remain in Docs), and adding a new URL will happen in two clicks!



Principle of operation

Bookmarks are stored as letters labeled Bookmarks. Each letter contains the key phrase "Google Docs Bookmark."

Adding is done using Google Docs forms.

Form creation

Go to Google Docs. Create a new form.
The following items will be required:
  1. URL box
  2. The field for entering the title of the bookmark.
  3. Paragraph text field for annotation


You can also choose a design style and confirmation text.
After saving the form, select in the menu: “View answers - Table” and get into the spreadsheet editor.

To bookmark sent by e-mail you need to connect the script.
Go to the main menu "Tools - Scripts - Script Editor" ( Pastebin ).


Set the trigger ("Triggers - All your triggers")


Save and close the script editor.

Labels and filters

Open the mail settings and go to the tab "Labels". Add a new label with the name "Bookmarks" or "Bookmarks."
Now we need to ensure that all new bookmarks have the desired label and are not displayed in the "Inbox".
To do this, open the "Filters" tab.



Browser integration


The last thing left for us is to add a so-called Bookmarklet.
It looks like this:
 javascript: window.open ('http: // long / address / your / form & entry_0 =' + escape (window.location) + '& entry_1 =' + escape (document.title)); void (0);

Now, when you click "Add to bookmarks", you will open a form with automatically entered address and page title.

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