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Overview of Free XML Editors

A good XML editor saves the developer’s nerves and makes the process of working with XML easy and enjoyable. That's how I thought when I started using the Altova XMLSpy editor. This program is definitely worth the money.

But the management set the task to find a free analogue. The result of the search is a brief overview of free XML editors.

- Working with XML / XSLT / XSD
- A handy editor with hints and highlighting.
- XSLT processor and debager.

Free XML Editors

Exchanger XML Lite V3.2
EditiX Lite Version
Serna Free
XML Marker


Exchanger XML Lite V3.2. There were problems with the installation. The installation went almost to the end and stopped. It's a pity. According to the description on the site he has a very rich set of functions.

EditiX Lite Version. Good editor. Able to do XSLT transformation. But hints are given in the form of highlighting similar parts of the code, rather than a drop-down list and a table view of the document.

Serna Free. I liked this editor the least. It hides XML tags and is terribly slow. Work is not very convenient.

XML Marker. Loved it. Shows XML in tabular form editable. It is a pity there are no hints and the ability to do XSLT transformations.

XMLPad. Like most. Shows XML in tabular and tree view. There are tips. It is possible to do XSLT transformations.




None of the reviewed free editors can completely replace a good paid editor. XMLPad is the most compliant. But XML Marker can simultaneously edit the code and see the result in a table.

PS Dear readers, if you know a good free editor, please write in the comments. I am pleased to complement the review.

UPD. Big review of XML editors "Choosing an XML editor"

UPD. Letters from readers.


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