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Overview of on-line services for converting Latex formulas into pictures

Sometimes you want to insert a formula in a blog or forum, and to do it beautifully. The article provides an overview of the services providing such a service.

For the test, we will apply the following formulas:
\ mathrm {e} ^ {x} = 1 + x + \ frac {x ^ 2} {2!} + \ frac {x ^ 3} {3!} + \ cdots = \ sum ^ {\ infin} _ { n = 0} \ frac {x ^ n} {n!}, x \ in \ mathbb {C}
\ frac {d \ vec {V}} {dt} = - (1- \ varepsilon) \ nabla_ \ sigma \ Phi + \ alpha \ vec {k} \ times {f}
1. mathURL
After inserting your code, it generates a short link to a page with a picture. If you add .png to this address, you will get the direct address of the image.
Let's look at our formulas:
2. codecogs.com
Positioning itself as on-line image editor.
3. astronet.ru
Russian-language service.
4. en.numberempire.com
Equation editor image .
5. Texify

Note : if you have Linux installed, you can use the textogif utility (by John Walker). In the simplest case:
$ textogif filename
Here filename is a file with the formula filename.tex, it will be converted to a file filename.gif. Work requires additional programs .
Note 2 : Google Docs can also handle formulas typed in image . They wrote about it here .
Note 3 : Wikipedia can do this too (wrap the formulas in the <math> tag).

If someone knows other resources - write, add to the topic.

lockal prompted the service www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/jsMath/
Displays image -expressions directly in the browser using javascript without third-party converters. Especially convenient to use for preview when entering.

mephistopheies wrote about the LaTeX Practice Box , in which you can not only type the formulas, but also adjust the font size with the tags small, tiny, etc.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100938/

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