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How tablet makers are getting ready for Android 3.0

According to Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar (Ashok Kumar), Motorola will release its ten-inch tablet based on Android 3.0 in November of this year. Let me remind you that Motorola has already released to the market its Android-based smartphones, such as the Droid X.

Motorola has not officially announced the release of the tablet, but at CES 2010, the company introduced a seven-inch Android-based tablet. Motorola has entered into a contract with Verizon Wireless, whose tariff plans are likely to sell their ten-inch tablets.

Presented by Samsung tablet can be a real “iPad killer”. While it is known that the tablet from Samsung will have:

LG has confirmed its intention to release a tablet based on Android in the last quarter of this year. Android 3.0 will be the most suitable version of Android to run on a LG Optimus tablet with a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. On the filling tablet LG no longer known.

The most important problem of Android and Apple is security and more thorough testing of applications from third-party developers. Android developers should always be one step ahead of Apple to outperform the iPad.

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