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Many of you love bacon, but did not think about how to get it. And get it as follows - alternate feeding pigs with her starvation, resulting in a product consisting of the thinnest layers of lard and meat. And how delicious is smoked bacon ... oh, something I didn’t talk about. What needs to be done so that during the forced hunger strike the pig does not scream? The way out is simple - they throw a big pumpkin into her pen, she is driven by a pig on the ground and cannot be eaten, she is all at work, but she is not given to try such a long-awaited and desired treat? Why? Yes, because it can not split the pumpkin, it does not have such capabilities, neither physiological nor intellectual.
Let's move this process into the framework of our human reality. There are people who generously spend time studying all sorts of literature, which, unfortunately, their meager mind cannot digest. But in spite of this, they still with great bitterness clog their heads with so much unnecessary information, which often contradicts the previously used by them. The work process is obvious, but the work is aimless. Nor eat them the food of knowledge, like that pig pumpkin.
I meet many such carriers of other people's thoughts. And each of them, at an opportunity, praises those around them with their “pumpkins”, tells how they looked, how they hit the walls of the “paddock”, do not be surprised if they advise you to ride their favorite “pumpkin”.
Knowledge should live in a smart head, in that head that can use this knowledge, make it work, and not waste time on their stupid repetition.

05/07/2007 06:42 © Greignar ; Taken from the site ArSEngune.org.ru in agreement with himself :)


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