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"Server" for nomadic life

I believe that I am far from being one of the local public working "on the Internet", having full opportunity to travel around the country and the world. The main working tool is a laptop. But also for several reasons, even in the apartment in which you live for several months you want to have a server. Here it is, this series of reasons:
- you need a capacious screw, which is now in the laptop is not set. Personally, I have a few hundred gigabytes of music, without which I can not live;
- the same screw is needed for backups;
- you need to distribute the Internet somewhere to your laptop and to your life partner's laptop. Distributing it from one of the laptops is not an option, constantly sticking a 3G modem will interfere;
- torrents at night something should swing.

After several painful trials and costly mistakes, I came to the following configuration, which I consider very successful:

So, with me in the suitcase, I carry:
- router
- netbook (eee PC 901)
- 1.5Tb Winchester
- enclosure - USB-adapter for the hard drive
The hard drive lives in a box and is connected via USB to a netbook on which it is shared. The ethernet netbook connects to the router. Nout get access to the Internet and netbook resources on wi-fayu.

Why so, and not, say, NAS plus a router plus something else? Experiencedly, I decided for myself that it was this set of devices that provided the necessary flexibility.
- Coming with all this good from a city in which there is wired internet to parents' house, where there is only 3G, I can plug the operator’s “whistle” into a netbook and, without changing anything, get an Internet on the same configuration again.
- A full-fledged Windows on a netbook allows not only plugging in any 3G modem (not everyone, alas, works for Mac, but everyone comes across in different cities), but also do everything your heart desires in the background. The same torrents swing on the attached hard drive with a whistle. I tried two NASa, and in both this process was painful and messy (they say there are NASs with good web interfaces, but I have run out of patience). By the way, the HDD connected in this way does not require pre-formatting (after which you can download the entire music collection again).
- The netbook can be unhooked at any time and take with you on a trip to a nearby city. Enough on the "Futurama" in the train and to follow the sites of the cafe, large laptop to carry nothing. NAS is not suitable for this business. Well, the extra computer is not superfluous.

Cost: This netbook can be bought second-hand for about 4,000 rubles. The box for the winchester costs about 1000. Router (I needed just such a model) - 4000.
It all weighs up to hell, to be honest.

It is worth everything, of course, usually in the kitchen or in another room so that the hard drive cannot be heard. Managed by Team Viewer, set to LAN ONLY mode - quite smart and convenient.


In the picture the modem of the local wire provider got into the frame. I turned off the awfully loud ticking clock in a rented apartment, instead of them the screen of the netbook shows time. Conveniently.

You can experiment with Apple AirPort Extreme / Time Capsule, which allow you to combine all these boxes into one, but the issue with the distribution of 3G is not solved.
You can replace the netbook with a no-top, anyway, the screen is not needed most of the time. But there is no possibility of taking a netbook on trips, but I don’t see any advantages.

If there are suggestions for optimization, I will listen with gratitude.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100915/

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