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Application for Habrahabr, v1.0

Last weekend, Habr got the official reader application for everyone's favorite iPhone.


the picture is clickable

On the first day of release, the application was available only in the Russian AppStore , yesterday added several more countries. Now it can be downloaded from US accounts .
The functionality for the first version we made is very simple - an extended reader with the ability to read not only the general, but also your own habrant. You can read both in vertical and in horizontal mode.

So, dear habrayuzer. If you have already managed to use the application for Habrahabr, then you probably have your own comments and tips on how to make the application even better. All found bugs, possible improvements and suggestions leave in the comments to the topic, or send to our habrapost. Reviews in the AppStore also read (hello, scroll89).

Meanwhile, the application is already in sixth place in the top free of Russia - we have our own handicraft.

UPD. Suggestions, what to add in updates:
- habraposhta
- commenting posts + vote
- disable image downloads
- tape caching
- native design of standard elements
- search and tags
- client for Android
- correct scaling of large images
- German AppStore
- Spanish AppStore
- UK AppStore
- iPad version
- very low link to comments, need higher

Some bugs:
- sex determination
- not quite familiar behavior at UITabBar
- go to the top links

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100910/

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