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WCG'10 - Russian final


I wanted to make this report last weekend, but, as usual, the reality has roughly made its own adjustments. I went to the Russian final of the commemorative tenth World Cyber ​​Games with a simple task - to photograph as many visitors as possible in order to lure them to the corporate page on the FB, on which we broadcast live from the tournament. However, I completed the task in half - at some point I broke down and began to shoot everything (to admit it, the model girls were very distracting ;-)), as a result of which the material was accumulated on a full report (LOT OF PHOTOS).

The tournament was held in the 55th pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, next to the well-known gamers of the 57th, where Igromir has been held for many years. The hall was conditionally divided into 4 parts:
- a stage with 10 computers (for 2 teams) with a large screen and TVs next to each of the computers - the semi-finals and finals were held on it


- two large playing areas for qualifying games with rows set by computers


- a zone with entertainment, fenced off from the scene by rows of Xbox stands on which anyone could play, and the choice of games was great - I recognized Tekken, Prototype, Red Dead Redemption, Halo ...


In the center of this zone stood the stand of Samsung Mobile, which hosted the WCG Samsung Mobile Challange tournament on the racing simulator Asphalt 5:


On one side of him could play radio-controlled cars:


Pop in the online shooter Point Blank, which, by the way, also took place primacy:


Swag in Guitar Hero:


And play football! In general, there was quite a lot of physical strength among the contests - push-ups, squats, etc ... They say there was also a competition in which the stand-up girls had to be raised, but I missed it.


Especially delivered a competition in which the dudes were invited to dance along with the cheerleaders. Dudes with pompoms look hilarious ;-)


The role of the lead went to Chuck, VJ MTV and once - A-One. She coped with it quite decently, and even almost did not get confused in terminology (that at such events is quite common, I remember that at the last RIF invited musicians at the Mail.ru party correctly called them only for the first time, and the rest of the road happily yelled " YANDEX - YOU ARE THE BEST! ”,“ Hooray YANDEX! ”).


A little about the children - there were few children ;-) The first day fell on Friday, and a few teenagers were likely to be random onlookers. I remember these two girls who were hard at Tekken:


About viewers:
The audience was unexpectedly many, as at 10 am the first day, and at 9 pm the second. The spectators still leave me in surprise - during the CS final, which went until half past nine in the evening, nobody left without waiting for the results of the fight!


About WCG 2010 Samsung Mobile Challange:
Gameloft's Asphalt 5 replaced the computer-based NFS and became the only auto-simulator to break into the WCG discipline grid. During the championship games are held on our Galaxy S running Android (2.2, by the way, as they say, will appear very soon).


The winner was a three-time Asphalt champion Philip of Missouri, who received a paid trip to the Grand Final in Las Vegas, where he will represent Russia in this discipline. He also received $ 1,000 and our pride - the flagship communicator Samsung Galaxy S. Roman Davydov and Vasily Bogdanov, who took 2nd and 3rd place, received our new phone - Samsung Wave.


About Point Blank:
This discipline is not on the WCG list, but it was included in the Russian final. As a result of fights that were not inferior in intensity to the CS final, the top three teams look like this:
1. PyJIoH Gaming!
2. Ncsky
3. eXistenz
The prize fund, by the way, was similar to what was expected by the best players in CS: 1st place $ 6,000, 2nd place - $ 4,500, 3rd place - $ 3,500.


About other results:
In Warcraft, everyone dragged Happy, who received $ 1,500 and a paid trip to the Grand Final. The second place went to Nicker, who also received a paid trip and $ 1000. The third place was reserved by Naps - he received $ 800 and the right to participate in the Grand Final.


FIFA and StarCraft prizes were similar. In FIFA, frostee won first place, second and third - semjke and Park. BRAT_OK, Advokate and Heme were the best choices in the brood.

The CS 1.6 final dragged on for several hours, when [USB] in overtime could still beat the veterans from forZe. Both of them got the right to represent Russia at the Grand Final, but forZe will go there at their own expense. Here they will need $ 4,500 earned for second place, but [USB] will be able to save their $ 6,000 prize money - their trip will be paid.


About the moments of victory:
I really wanted more of these frames (and at the same time straighten myself), but since the games were going at the same time, it was unreal to have a joyful cry with the camera at the other end of the pavilion.






About girls gamers:
They are and they are very beautiful! The female part of the RoX team had a great bullet in WC3 with everyone.


About stand-girls:
The number of girls who worked at the exhibition was not inferior to Igromir passing in the neighborhood, but I will not say anything about their beauty. See for yourself:









It's hard, but pay attention to the quality of the Super AMOLED displays of our Galaxy S.













In conclusion, I will say that the event really left a very pleasant impression - from a very specific party, the organizers managed to make a holiday where even a passer-by could find an entertainment for himself. What to say about gamers ;-)

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