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Cafe for IT-Schnick

I like to eat tasty food, but often I have to (or just want to) in addition to eating, to work, surf the net, or chat with someone in any of the instant messengers.
Recently, WiFi in public catering ceases to be exotic and becomes a normal attribute, but for a comfortable pastime in a cafe without being separated from the computer, you need a little more than just WiFi.
Actually, I would like to tell about it, share my thoughts and listen to yours, and, most importantly, the list of cafes in different cities and countries where you can comfortably and have a good time.

Convenience Criteria
The most important thing is wifi. It is clear that there is 3G, EDGE, WiMAX and similar things, but I want sufficient speed and free of charge, so free WiFi is musthave. There is another point that is worth noting - the presence of a password on the network. It is not particularly stressful to call an employee of an institution, but it is more pleasant when turned on and works. So I will celebrate this fact when describing the place.
Further. One of the main qualities I would note a good kitchen and reasonable prices. If this is a simple cafe, then good coffee (not soluble) and a selection of teas, delicious snacks and sandwiches.
The next item is the size of the table and the availability of power supply next to it.
Working time is also a very important factor.
The presence of a web resource.
If there are more ideas about what properties are necessary conditions of comfort for you - I will be happy to hear.

I'll start with my hometown.
_ITCafe / http://it-cafe.com.ua , in the center, near the hotel "Kharkiv" /
There is free wifi, fast enough, without a password.
The kitchen is unpretentious, but high-quality and tasty. Coffee is excellent, a large selection of teas and drinks.
Tables of normal size (beech is where to put while you eat) and next to each table are several outlets.
Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
And there is a little shop where all the chips are sold, including from the studio Lebedev.
Yes, there is a rental of laptops. Including MAC book.
In the cafe they do not smoke, but there is a place where to smoke, if necessary.

BigBen Pub / near the hotel "Mir" /
There is free WiFi, password-protected, you need to ask the employees for the password. reception is not always sure but there is.
Excellent cuisine and more or less reasonable prices.
The tables are quite spacious, especially if you are with a computer together. Not every table has sockets, it is worth asking the staff right away.
Works from 11 to 23, but often - until the last client.
There are rooms for smokers and non-smokers.
If you just need to work, it is better to come in the morning, usually in the evening a lot of people and quite noisy.
Cafe "At the mill" / near the station /
Free wifi, no password.
Good Ukrainian and Oriental cuisine, good coffee and a selection of tea. Adequate prices.
Large tables, sockets are near those that stand along the walls.
Work from 11 to 23.
There are rooms for smokers and non-smokers.

Blinoff / http://www.blinoff.ua/
Good, fast wifi with password.
Excellent food, although not particularly cheap.
Large tables, sockets not noticed.
They work from 11 to 23 (mostly).
There are rooms for smokers and non-smokers.

Aroma / next to the hotel Dan panorama /
Free wifi without password.
Great coffee and teas, drinks.
Convenient places for landing with a laptop, in my opinion there are sockets.
I do not remember the time of work. I think to 22 for sure.

So far everything that was remembered like this. I will clarify once again. These places are not for “good food” (although this was taken into account) and not for “just work”. These are places where it is pleasant to combine both of these things and get pleasure from a visit when you have to pass the time, especially in a foreign city.
Enjoy your visits and look forward to your recommendations!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100901/

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