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Home Furniture for Geek

The users and readers of Habr mostly relate to IT and in their souls there are few geeks. Surely each of us wanted to make his apartment more unique. Here we can come to the aid of geek furniture and about it below.

Rubik's Cube

Many are subject to the obsession and love for the Rubik's cube, despite the age of this puzzle.

This table was designed by Clab4Design (a furniture design studio in Italy). This table is convenient to use, as the door opens to the touch, using only minimal pressure on it.


The size of 1 face of the cube is 60 cm, but when ordering, you can specify the size you need.

Inside the table there are convenient sections in which you can store books, CDs and so on. From above, you can also put magazines or arrange Friday tea parties.

Keyboard "lounger"

This lounger is perfect for those who work at the computer for a long time. The most it that would be a little rest after work, or even take a nap. They say that this chair is quite "soft" due to the keys.

Sunbed was designed and created by Dante Bonukcheli , during the creation of which 40 keyboards were used.

Keyboard chair

The chair is like a work of art. Designer Nolan Herbut created a chair of 2000 keys, mounted on top of Baltic birch.

Unfortunately, this chair is not for sale.

Sofa and billiard table

Then I think everything is clear, we look at the photos

You could buy it on EBay for $ 95.

Tetris and home furniture

Love for this epochal game can bring to the purchase of furniture, in the form of figures from Tetris. Designers Diego Silveriu and Elder Filippov designed and created furniture consisting of Tetris figures, the ones we love and hate.

This idea allows you to create almost every day a new environment, all the figures can be moved in places and rearranged. For example, from 1 large closet you can make a couple of small bedside tables and so on, the scope for creativity is huge.

Cabinet and Tetris

This cabinet is again on the theme of Tetris. This construction consists of 10 separate figures.

Figures can be set as you please. You can order a wardrobe here , with the possibility to specify a tree, color of figures, etc. You can also buy several of these cabinets and then connect them.

Coffee table real gamer

This coffee table was invented by Stefan Peruchon, as far as I understood it, we have not done it yet, there is only a 3D model.

Mario Brothers Room

There are no people who would not play this game. Here is a small story of these characters:

Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto for the Nintendo company. He first appeared in the game Donkey Kong under the original name Jumper, and he was then not a plumber, but a carpenter.

Furniture on the theme of Mario Bros consists of: thematic shelf, "pipe" and hours.

On the "tube" is convenient to charge phones, PDAs and other gadgets. The problem with wires that can be easily removed inside the structure is thought out.

In Pacman`s Mouth

An ideal place for meditation and working on a laptop.

Complete the picture complete the chairs, in the form of "ghosts" of the game

That's all, if you're interested - in the future I can upload such collections. And yet, if you have links to the authors of some things - write, add.

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