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Licensing policy change for WEBO Site SpeedUp

Good evening everyone (or in the morning, or whatever is peeping through the smoke). A small official (and some long-awaited) announcement about changing the licensing policy of WEBO Site SpeedUp is an application for automatic acceleration of sites.

In short: cheaper only for free . But for free you can now.

Change of license term

There were already many different dissatisfied (and very dissatisfied) cries about the annual licenses for WEBO Site SpeedUp. now there are none. So once - yesterday, but today is no longer. Life licenses instead. For all product owners, happiness has already come, because their licenses have automatically lasted until life. But for future buyers everything is a little more complicated (more on that below). Now the product license (valid for 1 site) will work all the time. Need a year - please. It takes ten years - no problem. It takes 100 years - and this is also possible. Has the site changed the design or engine? No questions: just the product cache will be updated. Himself, automatically.

All (regular) updates remain, and will always be free. And we do not intend to stop improving the product: there are still many issues for technological development, for example, the practical implementation of the idea of ​​“accelerating a website in 1 click”.

Changing the functionality of editions

The light version now (in fact) has a very rich functionality - because it has been expanded with the latest release. And it really is enough to fully accelerate the site: this version includes all groups of settings, including performance, server and SQL caching and settings for CDN.

The non-commercial version differed (and still differs) from the light version only by the presence of the WEBO Site SpeedUp watermark. And this sign is easily reduced to an invisible closed link, if there is such a desire. But the non-commercial version can only be used for non-commercial sites. If you have one or a startup that does not earn anything yet, feel free to take it and put it. The acceleration of the site is guaranteed. Is free.

Pricing change

Naturally, the transition from annual to life-long licenses is a difficult step for us. Therefore, life-long licenses are more expensive per annum (3.5 times). But taking into account the expansion of the product functional in the light version, now almost everything can be bought even cheaper - for only 1799 rubles . Once and for all.

The full version costs 6999 rubles. But for commercial sites it is worth it: it includes all the additional optimization tools, an API for extensions and the ability to use SSL connections in full. Plus a number of other goodies that are vital to corporate users.

If you want cheaper, then there is only one way out - SaaS-version of WEBO Site SpeedUp , which allows you to pay for the product functionality upon use. And flexibly replenish the balance of the application.

Technical support

In fact, we have quite a lot of calls from users who are not confident in their abilities and ability to cope with a complex product - WEBO Site SpeedUp. This is understandable: we have not yet been able to make an automatic acceleration of the site “in 1 click” (although this is all going well). For these users (and not only), we have included technical support packages in all licenses: 2 weeks for the light version, 6 months for the full version. We hope that this will reduce the number of concerns about the technological complexity of the product. Very hope :)

In the end, I just want the world to become a little better. We don’t need everyone to accelerate sites, but we love several thousand of our users and try to make their lives even simpler and more enjoyable.

WEBO Software

PS on the site a little mess in connection with the stated updates, but if you have any questions - write in the comments.

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