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Cry of the soul: let's write correctly!

Literally every day I receive letters and documents with a lot of typos and errors. This is a different kind of business correspondence - contracts, acts, technical specifications, estimates, as well as letters from customers, partners and colleagues. Unfortunately, not paying attention to such "trifles" is gradually becoming the norm.

The absence of spelling errors in documents is part of business etiquette. And it seems the most difficult. It is very difficult to achieve literally literate writing, but to avoid elementary common mistakes in your “managerial vocabulary” is already a noticeable step along the way.

It so happened that a significant part of my work is in the field of Internet technologies and Internet commerce. And when you receive various documents from customers and partners, you realize that in the Internet crowd, correctly put hyphens become a rarity. Increasingly, you see “Internet projects”, “Internet portal”, “Internet sites”, “Internet cafes”, “Internet shops” written across the gap. Colleagues, the words "web site", "web design", "web designer", "web master" are not written together, but always with a hyphen.
Managerial and computer vocabulary is simply overwhelmed with words from English, which have already become "relatives." They often make mistakes. And it is always nice to see correctly written words photo gallery, dealer, offline, recommendation, russification, traffic, attribute, blogger, appeal, control.

And this mistake simply carries the palm among all the others! “Within a week / year / day / hour” literally hits his eyes in the wrong spelling. If you do not write about how the stormy waters of a mountain stream carried you far beyond the clouds, but about time, do not forget about the letter “e” at the end of the word.

Probably, it is not necessary to explain the slang meaning of the word "hemorrhoids". So, it is either from overflow with emotions, or from something else, often loses one small letter “p”. “Scrap”, “for free”, “on the move”, “in addition”, “in FIG” (and all sorts of derivatives) are always written separately. The word "in general" in Russian is not. There are "in general" and "in general." The precedent is not to be confused with the applicant, but the privilege is always to write through the "and". Calling the terms “acceptable” we are not mistaken in the second letter “e”.

Quite often there are errors in the continuous and separate writing so that / whatever (wrong - "Whatever I do, ...").

Errors in the soft sign in the verb endings led to the fact that they even launched a separate website dedicated only to this - www.tsya.ru. Although what could be simpler - ask a question and look for a soft sign in it ...

Inexpensive, unfashionable, ugly, not quick and a thousand like with the particle “not” are written together, when there is no opposition, when you can replace the word with a synonym without the particle “not” without losing meaning (wrong: “We are ready to do the work not expensively”).

“In my opinion,” “in a new way,” “First,” “Second,” “Third,” “Fourth,” are written with a hyphen. But at the same time "better", of course, together.

The price list is written with a hyphen. But the “Price List” is illiterate to write, because the word price list itself contains the word “price” in German. Servers, not servers. Contracts, not contracts. Cities for the most part lean: “Where?” - “in the city of Karaganda!” (And not “in the city of Karaganda”). "In Moscow", and not "To Moscow".

You can write a lot about the rules of punctuation, and mastering them one hundred percent is not easy at all. But there are basic things that are striking even the former triple students. This is a selection of participial turns, introductory words, enumerations.

And last but not least you need to pay attention to competent typography. Spaces after punctuation marks, long dashes, quotes, three dots. A collection of such rules, claiming to be complete, is Lebedev's mangling .

In the names of brands, trademarks, we sometimes find the pre-reform form of the Russian language, with i'atyami and "decimal and." At the same time often goes out very illiterate. I found a very vivid example in Tsaritsyno, where her name is written in arshin letters with two errors above the statue of Catherine.

There are many rules, the Russian language is one of the most difficult in the world. Tolerance for mistakes begins to further exacerbate the problem of literate writing and speaking.

First, never overly configure spelling in Outlook and tick the check box before sending. Get used to check in online dictionaries and on literacy. Ru words that you doubt. You will be surprised to know that there are answers to almost all complex cases.

Secondly, set yourself the layout of Ilya Birman. It facilitates the input of characters that are not on a conventional keyboard, but in Russian typography there is — for example, a dash, quotes, fir trees, three-dots.

It is useful to go through some online dictation on literacy . This will allow you to objectively assess how well you know the spelling rules. At least selectively read kovodstvo .

UPDATE: As I forgot, the site of Ilya Birman has recently opened with the rules of the Russian language . There is just a wonderful search and thoughtful structure. If it were not for the old habit of looking elsewhere for answers to your questions ...

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