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Hi, Habr!

We are glad to welcome all visitors of the Habrahabr site! We are a company Cognitive Technologies. Most likely you have heard or even used our products, and one of them - OCR CuneiForm , on Habré there were already several mentions:Our company is engaged in software development and research in the field of processing structured and unstructured information, that is, content processing in the broadest sense of the word. These are document recognition technologies (OCR / ICR), image processing, speech recognition, data analysis and document understanding.

Today our activity is connected with the development of software products and the implementation of projects for the creation of electronic document management systems, mass input of documents, electronic commerce, management of reference information, electronic archives and data warehouses. At the moment, our main products are:In addition to work on commercial projects, we are active in research. The results of which are, for example, the Cognitive Translator machine text translator and a text analysis software package .

We continue to take part in the life of the open source community. Not so long ago, the next version of the text recognition system CuneiForm for Linux was created.

Here we will talk about our developments and products. About what tasks have been solved and what we are working on at the moment.

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