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Monument to the system administrator

Returning from the fifth meeting of the system administrators, I decided to dedicate my first post to the event that happened this weekend.
In Russia, near Kaluga, the world's first monument to a system administrator was installed.
Details under the cut.

The Softline Company, together with the sponsors of the rally, decided to commemorate the anniversary of this event by installing a monument to the system administrator.
The roadside was chosen as the installation site, near the exit to the clearing where the main event took place.

Approximate coordinates
Latitude: 54 ° 25′18.06 ″ p. sh. (54.421683)
Longitude: 36 ° 12′18.4 ″ c. d. (36.205112)
Of course, I understand everything, and that the money is quite a certain amount and that time is short ...
Anyway, the world's first monument to the sysadmin looks like this:


The event is held in conjunction with the company Mail.Ru, which has a community "Sysadmin is also a person", and this kettle is the logo of it.

And, on the one hand, it is joyful that they have put it - both a teapot, and monumental, and the fact itself, but on the other - some kind of “ugly”, soviet something.

Anyway, get acquainted: the Monument is the Sysadmin, the Sysadmin is the Monument.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100878/

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