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About our cooperation with Forbes and Google in the framework of the "Business Project 2010"

In the midst of accepting applications for participation in the competition "Business Project 2010" , which is organized by Forbes and Google to search for successful startups.

One of the conditions for participation in the competition is to provide a video presentation of your project, but not all young companies have such materials. Therefore, we, literally, in an emergency mode, make high-quality video presentations of projects participating in the Business Project 2010. Now the competition has already posted 3 videos made by us: MiniBanda (online community of parents), Skazka (development and publication of online games) and AdOffer (network of promotional offers).

Below we want to give two examples of our work - a screencast and video shooting.
1. Video presentation of the MiniBanda project

2. Video presentation of the AdOffer project

Both the contest participants themselves, and us, the creators of their video face, are interested in your opinion about the contest itself, the projects that are stated in it, and the quality of the video presentations. Thank you in advance!

In the near future, new presentations of other projects will appear on the site.
The applications for participation in the competition are accepted until September 10, 2010. You still have time to participate, and if there is no video presentation, now you know who to contact :)

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