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Listen to prostopleer.com in Exaile

I want to submit a plugin to import music from prostopleer.com for Exaile .

Implemented features:


Player settings
Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin file -> feed the dialog file prostopleer_0.1.exz and tick the box next to Prostopleer. Close the settings screen and ... open again.


Plugin settings
A new item will appear on the page - “Prostoplayer”. It reflects the authentication settings on the site: with or without a registered account. You can also change the directory for downloading tracks and turn off the addition of radio charts to your playlists.
For unregistered users a link to the player can be obtained in this window:
Link in the interface prostopleer.com


Combobox update
To update playlists, click on the combo box (see picture) and select "Update", after which you can use any of your playlists.


The habitat of the plugin on Github .


Many thanks to vrtx for the plugin on which this data was written, and mpetrunin for testing.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100860/

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