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GMABooster: Acceleration of GMA 900-950 graphics cores

I want to tell Habralyam about the great program GMABooster.
GMABooster allows you to overclock the built-in Intel GMA900 graphics core and 950 from the default 166 MHz to 400.
X3100 and X4500 support is also expected.
These graphics cores are installed in many netbooks and umpc.
In particular, I use it on the Samsung Q1 Ultra.
It is noteworthy that the program supports all popular OS: Windows 7, MacOS, Linux.

The acceleration of work is noticeable to the naked eye: the Aero interface has become more responsive, the old games like WarCraft III (DOTA) have become quite playable.
The 3dmark06 Synthet demonstrates FPS doubled in the fill rate and shaders benchmark.
The author of the program is Vladimir, he is our compatriot for xUSSR.
His website gmabooster.com
The program is distributed under the donationware scheme.
Without registration, the program is fully functional, but requires a weekly download of a new build.
At the forum, Vladimir answered some questions from users, in particular on the amount of donations:
“Regarding how much you need to donate to the development of the project, this is a voluntary matter, and each size of donation determines itself. Regardless of the amount, I will be happy to mark everyone who made the gift with a personal serial number for GMABooster. If I manage to donate enough donations, I plan to send for the purchase of equipment necessary to support other chipsets. By the way, if someone has any - an old, unnecessary (say, with a broken screen, etc.), a laptop on an Intel 965 (that is, a GMA X3100), I will be very, very pleased with such a gift. Naturally, in this case, I will be especially grateful to the donor in the window “About the program” and on the website www.gmabooster.com


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100858/

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