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Startup Weekend: Results and Impressions

That ended our first Startup Weekend. We have already written a detailed report on Startup Weekend , and here we will tell you a little about the most important thing - about the results.
We expanded the format of the weekend and spent on it the brainstorm for those who came without ideas and did not find interesting projects for themselves. It turned out not in vain: at the final presentation on Sunday, the brightest were exactly the projects that were born on the very "weekend".

9 projects have signed agreements of intent with experts. It is assumed that within a month the project and the expert work in a tight bundle, after which they decide to allocate an expert share in the project. The expert who received the share becomes the mentor of the project.
4 projects interested investors: the letter of intent with two projects (PowerCrowd and Datalite) was signed by Arkady Moreynis, two more strategic investors, the companies IQONE and Business World Online, were interested in the projects Combild and Spotix.

But better than we ourselves about its event will tell its participants. Here is a letter from Anastasia, the author of the idea that managed to interest two mentors and a single investor at once:

“This outrage began with Leshki, who on StartupPoint found a link with information about the rapidly approaching StartupWeekend.
- Let's go! Let's see what and how. Look around, the next time we bring the project.
- HZ. They write, of course, that you can also come up empty-handed, but somehow it's not ice ...
- Well, as a fallback, let's throw some idea. Let's pomozguem towards the office time killer. What can this be crossed with? For example, with games from a distant childhood. What did you play?
“Hmm ... What did we have there? .. The tag was ...”
- ABOUT! Redhead! For sure! Look ...
Thus, the first, exclusively online version of Fetus was born - people catch up with each other exclusively on online maps.
As a result, we didn’t even present it on the first day, since the idea was frankly raw, and it remained - a backup option. Not finding such ideas from the list of originally presented ones that we would like to join, on the second day we went to the brainstorm. We immediately realized that the table on which the LBS (Location-based service) was being discussed was our table. Actually here, in the process of a very stormy discussion, the idea of ​​a Fifter was born in the form in which it was presented - catch-up of real people in a real city with electronic map navigation.
At the end of the second day, spectators voted Fifteen recognized as the best idea born on the brainstorm. It was very nice that so many people immediately started to hurt for us. Replenishment arrived to our team - Sasha Vashchilo, Lesha Korenek, experts - Natalya Chanysheva and Sergey Biryukov. Sasha Kirin from a nearby team said that he has software developments in the field of working with maps on mobile devices, expressed willingness to share. The evening ended on a very positive note. )))
In the morning our team 4A (Anastasia Shmatkova, Alexey Krivonosov, Alexey Korenek, Alexander Vaschilo) continued to work. Clarified the functionality, figured the technical points. Somewhere since lunchtime, SW turned me off almost completely - I began to prepare the text for the presentation. )) The guys themselves took the slides. For the help with the presentation I want to thank everyone again by name. Tatiana Indina - the first one to save me. She reassured, encouraged, helped to find an internal point of support. Natalya Chanysheva - “Oh! Fifteen! I was sick for you yesterday! ”- how nice it is when they believe in you)) - helped to clean the presentation. Ksenya Elkina - helped harmoniously complete the presentation, with the ending we are completely indebted to it. Sergey Biryukov - suggested where there are strange places for an unknowing listener.
Time from 12 to 18 - passed like a fog. All thoughts about the text, how best to put together and present it. So when Sergei Biryukov (who turned out to be the representative of Askar Tuganbayev) and Vitaly Akimov (Glavstart) started signing up to us before the presentation, it was very nice, but to realize this fact to the end - there was no power. )) Already after the presentation, and we were the first to defend ourselves, we started to get a little closer. Our idea caught fire mentor. An idea that was actually born yesterday. Unreal. ))) Science fiction did not end there - a message appeared on Twitter that an investor was ready to talk with us. They looked at the profile - Andrei Borisevich, a representative of the SUP. Surprise forces were no longer. ))
During the announcement with whom preliminary agreements were made, Askar Tuganbayev teased Andrei Borisevich, saying that he had never earned money so quickly in his life. They say, somewhere behind this moment, Yandex wanted to get into the Fifteen section between mentors / investors, unfortunately I missed this moment.
What I want to say in the end. We raised the toast at the end of the third day - “For the very beginning of work”. Since it really is just beginning. And StartupWeekend thank you very much for the chance to start this work. Indeed, a lot can be done in 54 hours. ”
But the video of the final presentation of this project .
The rest of the video can be viewed here in this playlist .

If you want to take part in the next "weekend" and generally be in the know, leave your contacts here .
Your feedback would be very useful to us.

See you later!

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