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Delhi traffic police collect information through Facebook

Indian traffic police found a very effective way to collect information about offenders on the roads. They opened a special page where anyone can add a photo or video taken from their mobile phone. If you saw some kind of violation on the road - a drunk driver, an incorrectly parked car, a manicure girl driving a car, etc. - immediately take pictures and send to Facebook. Police constantly monitors this page and can react almost instantly.

As it turned out, this initiative came to people like. Over two months, more than 3,000 photos and 43 videos were published there, over 18,000 people signed up for the fans of the page. At the end of the work 665 fines have already been issued .

The idea seems rather correct. It turns out that the police shift part of the authority to maintain order on the road to the drivers themselves - such a crowdsourcing of police functions. Obviously, this should enhance the self-discipline of road users.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100856/

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