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Game offline: QR codes and orientation in the city

Just the other day, I met my good friend, whom I hadn’t seen for quite some time, talking. It turned out that I had not just met him in the center of Moscow. He plays. In the game he is helped by his mobile phone and laptop with access to the network.

It should immediately admit that the meaning of the game in which he plays, did not immediately understand, but having tried it, I liked it. True, there is no time to play it fully. If you have ever played games that require orientation in the city, then you probably will immediately understand what the salt and meaning is.

The task of the game is this. Get the initial task by reading it with the help of a qr-code reader on your phone, solve the proposed riddle, find the next qr-code and so on seven times. Accordingly, it should be done quickly, because the rating of participants is conducted.
Themselves qr-code to look for on the streets, which are encoded in the task. An example of one of the tasks is:

"The capital of the island state on the street named after one of the airports of the capital"

You find the street, look for any hint of advertising or symbolism of MTS (this company is the sponsor of gifts), look for qr-code within a radius of 20 meters, and use it to get a new task at a new level.

Game offline: QR codes and orientation in the city

Sorry for the quality of the photos, fotkal on mobile.

There are gifts, but only the undisputed leader of the week. When I tried to get through, and went through a couple of levels, they told me that I was in the top ten. But, alas, there is simply no time to play. As I read in the rules, second place is the first loser.

To register in the game, you need to go to its website , specify your mobile phone and wait for the confirmation code in the form of SMS. This code must be entered in the registration form. No advertising in the form of a bonus, apparently, does not fall on the number (in three days I didn’t receive anything advertising, even the game doesn’t remind of itself).

In fact, I believe that such games, especially in summer, are very interesting and very tempting. Outdoor games in the city, with the use of technology and search engines - an excellent lesson, for example for schoolchildren who have summer holidays. However, my friend is not a student, but a student. True, on the same summer vacation. Not all sit at home, in front of the monitor.

In London and Tokyo, I recently read, such games have been held for more than a year, there are a lot of them, and they collect a good number of participants.

As I understand it, the game just started recently, one or two, just gone. So I hope that I still have time to participate in it. For me it is fresh and interesting. And for you?

Found on the network a few videos on this subject, below one of them.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100854/

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