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Scott McNeely took up textbooks

Unfortunately for book publishers, co-founder Sun Scott McNeely had a lot of free time after Oracle bought his company. McNealy decided to invest time and money in his old project Curriki , where textbooks and lectures are laid out in free access. This is a real threat to the publishing business, which earns from selling textbooks from $ 8 billion to $ 15 billion a year, raising prices every year, the NY Times writes .

Scott McNeely with his 12-year-old son.

According to Scott McNeely, the increase in prices is not entirely correct, because in the same math textbooks, almost no new information appears every year: “Ten plus ten has been twenty for a long time,” he says.

Within the framework of the Curriki project, experts jointly compile training materials, allowing their free distribution in digital, printed form or as audio books. Any school or institution can take this basic course and adapt it to their needs.


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