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Eight-Bit Wikipedia for $ 20

Braddock Gaskill, an American computer engineer, designed a device designed to bring education to poor countries. The eight-bit Humane Reader contains a slot for SD-cards, a connector for a keyboard and an analogue output for connecting to a TV. It is recharged via micro-USB, like a mobile phone. It is assumed that in this device you can download the entire archive of Wikipedia and several thousand more books - and read all this wealth on your home TV without internet connection.

It's nice to see how the good old eight-bit consoles come back to us in a new capacity.

According to the developer, for mass production of consoles from 10,000 pieces, their cost will be $ 20, and for small production volumes - $ 35.
Thus, the Humane Reader can be called the cheapest device for reading electronic books among those existing on the market, the iPad or Kindle cannot even compete close to the price. The new device is even cheaper than the hundred-dollar WikiReader .

Now Gaskill is working on creating a Humane PC, which will have the same characteristics, but be equipped with a full-fledged micro-USB port and an infrared port. True, such a fancy personal computer will turn out a few dollars more expensive than the console.

By the way, this is not the only project using eight-bit controllers. The guys from the project Playpower.org have already begun negotiations with Chinese contractors on the production of 8-bit game consoles on 6502 processors of the 70s of the last century (these were installed in Apple II). The cost of the game console will be only $ 12.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100843/

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