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Toolbars for each site

So for some reason it happened that only large sites make their toolbars in RuNet. And then - not all. And generally everyone around here thinks that toolbars are evil.

In the west, it's not at all like that. Many webmasters consider the toolbar a necessary tool for increasing the attendance and return of the audience to the site. For the convenience of creating personal toolbars, there are even special services, toolbar designers - for example, Conduit.com. There are entire webmasters ecosystems around such services - which not only affect the quality of the toolbars that are created, but also earn money from their toolbars.

And in RuNet, for some reason, all this is not.
No personal toolbars.
Neither design services.
No communities.
No money.
So we decided to fix this situation.

And made Metabar - the first designer toolbars in Runet.

What is already able Metabar

Metabar can create toolbars with a few mouse movements. Within a few minutes, the service will allow the webmaster, without programming, to assemble a personal toolbar specifically for its audience, add key elements of its website to it and start offering the toolbar to its visitors.

The webmaster can:
- set your buttons on the toolbar - links to sections of your site,
- place your logo,
- start to broadcast your news in the user's browser,
- add to your toolbar informers popular services of the Russian Internet,
- update already installed toolbars from users (add new buttons) without reinstalling the software on the user's side.

In his toolbar webmaster can change everything - except for deleting the search string on the Internet. On the fact that such a string will be in each toolbar, we subsequently hope to earn ourselves and give webmasters-partners to earn money - do not blame us for that.

As a result, assembling an imaginary toolbar for such a site as, for example, Vokrug.tv, may look something like this:

We make a system where the appearance of the toolbar is limited only by the imagination of the webmaster.

What's next

Honestly we admit that right now we still have not enough functionality for the production of full-fledged toolbars for webmasters. Metabar creates toolbars only for Firefox so far, the webmaster cannot yet write its own button for the site with its own custom functionality, we do not support Yandex XButton yet. Today's announcement for us is the result of just a few months of work.

The next big step for us is to ensure that site owners not only make good toolbars for their audience, but also know how to make money from it.
We are working on it.

Well, in addition, in the near future:
- versions of the toolbar for main browsers (IE is just around the corner),
- API for site owners - the ability to create your own buttons,
- support of widgets of home pages of iGoogle and Yandex (we are almost able to do this).

For those who have no site

Trite, but when we did Metabar, we wanted first of all to make such a tool tool that the entire service team and all our friends would be ready to use. Including those who hate toolbars :).

The obvious problem of the Runet toolbars is that one person usually uses not only Google, or, say, VKontakte, but many popular services at the same time. Therefore, even someone who really likes toolbars as a tool for working with the Internet, is forced to put them several at once. As a result, it turns out that toolbars clutter up the browser's workspace (sometimes even like this: bit.ly/bhQPvp ) and start to irritate everyone.

In order to somehow solve this problem, we started building a library of Runet widgets for Metabar. And now each user - even the one who doesn’t have a website - can create a toolbar in 1 minute, where the informer of new letters in Gmail, Yandex.Mail and Mail .ru, the number of new tweets of his friends, new posts in Livejournal and Liveinternet, weather and traffic jams of Yandex. As in the case of the service for webmasters, here we are at the very beginning of the journey - not all widgets work stably, and the list of widgets is still short.
Anyone who will tell us which particular mass services of the Runet are lacking, and that it is working badly or incorrectly with us, we will be grateful.

For now - test our library! We have there reasons for pride. For example - switch accounts for Google, which can do this:

What do we want from the audience Habr

First of all - we want feedback. We want to make a really convenient and massive tool that will change the attitude to the toolbars in Runet. We will be happy not only for spontaneous comments like “it’s disgustingly working and slowing down!”, But also for those users who agree to test us and communicate with us on a regular basis (if there are any, write in the comments).

Secondly - we will be happy for those site owners who lacked the standard functionality of Metabar for creating a toolbar for their audience. Write us requests for custom functionality! We have a small team, and we do not promise that we will be able to fulfill all requests at once, but - we will try.

Thirdly - we want to make a good library of widgets of the Runet, therefore we accept ideas for new widgets, and we will be happy to talk with those who will be ready to help us implement these ideas. The tools for this are almost ready.

Fourth, thank you for reading this post to the end.

Metabara Team

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