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Microblog about the use of English words

I want to tell about my project - thematic microblog about English on Twitter.

Every day, I post a new tweet about an English word, idiom, meme, or slang. After several iterations, it is usually possible to fit everything you need into a tweet - a word, basic translations, an example of usage. I alternate “neoplasms” in English and useful, but not frequency words from different subject areas.

I take material for tweets about memes and neologisms from native blogs, podcasts, posts on the forums - huddy , gurl , douchebag . For the selection of subject words, I use an imaginary person who travels the world and is faced with a variety of situations - he is ill, works, falls in love, commits a crime. For example, at the airport, the words departure , arrival , gate will be useful to him. And at corporate party the story about good sparkling wines ( sparkling wine ), or knowing how to ask for a corkscrew ( corkscrew ) comes in handy .
This is how plainly I and my readers will learn something new. My project mascot is a snail. In a short time, the movement of the snail is small.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100821/

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