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Paratrooper day

Good day habravchane!

I hasten to congratulate you all on a wonderful holiday - the day of the paratrooper. On this day, on the 2nd of August 1930, near Voronezh, a division of 12 people was parachuted for the first time on parachutes. Immediately make a reservation that I did not serve in the Airborne Forces, but I have a weakness for parachuting, besides this, my mother, at one time, trained these same paratroopers, in the amount of 120 people - so I consider it fair to light up this wonderful topic on Habre, promote and explain how skydiving is useful - for people in general, and for IT people in particular.

New Horizons
Everything is simple here - jumping with a parachute, your horizon expands both literally and figuratively. At an altitude of 1000 or 4000 meters, the visibility range significantly exceeds the standard 16 kilometers. In addition, many different thoughts will visit your head in a short amount of time, which is good training for your brain activity. No, it’s not necessary for workers of the sphere to invent a new bicycle every day, but fresh thoughts rarely hurt.

Fight fear
One of the most effective ways to deal with fear is to do what you are afraid of (take the phone from an unfamiliar beauty / achieve an increase in salary / go to the dentist, etc.) Besides, I’ll share my own experience with my own experience: as a rule, fear is an expectation of what afraid - waiting for the moment of fear. And rarely does this moment last long. We, as it were, expect a long time for fear, then it quickly comes - and immediately leaves. It is rare that fear itself lasts long enough to become aware of it. But in free fall, it can last for 10 and 20 seconds, it is fear itself, and during this time it comes to understanding that you can act consciously in any situation, even when you are very scared. Fighting your internal fears - it helps a lot for a positive life and productive work. Once again I will make a reservation that I am not Carl Gustav Jung and I do not pretend to be a specialist in psychoanalysis - I just share my impression.

Additional degree of freedom
Can you imagine a man - never dipped into the water? That is, he never swam, nor bathed, nor took a bath. Only a shower - in order to be clean. Now try to explain to this person what a swim is. Explaining what flying is about is just as difficult. If you turn to physics - then it is +1 degrees of freedom. And this is only bodily +1. Mental degrees of freedom in the mind of a person are unlimited. Try it yourself to come up with analogies for it.

Taking responsibility
Yes, the parachute technique has reached perfection. Yes, the probability of opening the main parachute is 99.9% and the reserve is 99.9999%. Yes, in your parachute a spider is installed or a widget that will automatically open a spare parachute for you, even in case of total loss of consciousness (scared / hit / other). But skydiving is a risk. And you can only take this risk fully aware of it. Responsibility, for your actions, your work and your life - only you carry. No evil / good uncles / aunts in no way exempt you from responsibility. You understand this in the sky especially.

Crystal clarity of thought
The weekend before last - one person, jumping with a parachute for the first time, answered the question about how you felt: Crystal clarity of thought!
This is probably the most accurate wording I've ever heard - and I completely agree with it. Moreover, this clarity lingers in the head for several more days - after the first jump, and for several hours - after the next ones.

Where to start?
If someone agitated my agitation positively, then I hasten to please you, there are a lot of places for parachuting around the world. Jumping zone - Drop Zone. Google to the rescue. If you wish, I will tell more in detail in the comments or in PM. I also note that I am a beginning parachutist - please do not judge bison parachuting too harshly.

Fun video - winning at the international festival in Kolomna. Photographed in Maysky, where I jump. I'm not on the video, because it is still very green.

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